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October 30, 2008
Getting ready for Fall
Well Fall is definitely here and somehow it always seems busier than Spring!

Yesterday I got the kids to clean the potatoes from last year's potato crop out of the root cellar to make way for storing this year's crop.Halfway through the job they ran back in all excited because it was snowing! They were excited but Danny and i weren't. I still need to plant my garlic (and it's getting late for that) and Danny's still trying to get the manure spread, the yard cleaned, and a host of other Fall chores. Not to mention that Danny is also trying to decide whether or not to attend 2 new Farmer's Markets; Wolfeville and Halifax, on an occassional basis in an effort to boost sales.Oh well. At least it stopped 'snowing' and the root cellar got cleaned.

And the kids did such a great job that Danny wanted to know if I helped them! Which I didn't.

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