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September 12, 2009
September again
Well it's September again and my main goal is to remember to breathe!

Danny cleared a patch in the garden for me and brought me a huge shovel load of composted manure in March and the other week I harvested all my garlic, enough for us and a few friends. Wow do I feel rich; there's nothing like looking at a heap of garlic to feel wealthy.

Danny has been trying to harvest our potato crop. First the poor things suffered from all the rain in early summer and now there's a dry stretch, not to mention the potato bugs in between. The yield has not been great and we are lucky to have enough for ourselves this winter.

This dry stretch has been great for making some more hay and other farm activities but it's time for a little rain in order to keep the pastures growing and feeding the livestock. Danny has been calling around trying to get quotes on cement and building supplies as he prepares to build an outdoor cattle feeding area. We are trying to reduce our herd as Danny finds it all a bit much because he has to do most of the work alone. So if you know anyone who would like to get their own beef herd started get them to give us a call.

Eben has been a huge help this summer making hay and helping with other farm chores while Hannah is still reluctant to get involved to much. But she is getting better at hanging out the laundry. And I still think she would enjoy growing herbs for both cosmetic and medical purposes.

There I just took another breath; time to run out and harvest some raspberry leaves for tea and cows.

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