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November 5, 2009
New Barn
It's not often on an old farm like ours that you see something new, but this month is going to change all that. This month we have started to build a new barn for our cows.

We are moving to a free stall system which means our old barn will have to be heavily renovated in order to fit the stalls for the cattle and, hold on, we will have to add a huge pad outside our barn where the animals will get their food and water.

Poor Danny is in shock; change is never easy for him and the amount of stress that comes with this has aged him at least 10 years. Whenever he can't figure out what to do he walks out to the saw mill my Dad built and cuts more lumber. I bought a tin of rescue remedy pastilles to help when he wakes up at night to help him get back to sleep.

Anyhow the cement is going to be poured on Monday. Cross your fingers; this is a huge step for us!

I will try to post pictures next week.

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