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February 25, 2010
Well it is now February and we can all heave a sigh of relief; the barn addition is finished. Hallelujah!

I think Danny stood a little straighter the day they decided the job was done. Of course he then thought of all the things he still has to do/hasn't been able to do while the barn was being built and bent over again but I think his heart is a little lighter.

Here is a picture Danny took
and here is a picture of the cows enjoying the barn

Now we can breathe a little easier.

Now the big job is getting some wood cut so we will be warm next winter. This is getting tricky because with all the wet weather we're having the road to the woods is not fit to travel on. Hopefully we will have some more freeze ups.

On another happy note the Coast, an alternative paper in Halifax has done a short writeup on our beef CSA. And the phone has been ringing! So far we have several people confirmed to take part and this is a wonderful thing! We were having such a hard time getting the word out; we made posters, we printed brochures and still could not get too many people to sign up. So a big thank you to the Coast and a big thank you to Doug Brown who will be delivering the beef boxes to Halifax for us. The Grainery Co-op has agreed to distribute the boxes for us and we are grateful. Thank you everybody who has made this possible. If you're not sure what our Beef CSA is, go back to our menu and click on Beef CSA; all the information is there.

Also this being the month of February there is holiday that Danny and I like to celebrate by attending the King's Theatre Valentine fundraiser; a silent auction and a movie. I usually make a piece to donate to the art auction and Danny comes along and we have a good time. The theme this year was Red Hot so I made this:

It looks better when I remember to rotate it but that will have to be another post.

Next week we leave for the ACORN conference in Charlottetown PEI. They also will be having a silent auction and I have mad a smaller piece for them:

Just a little ditty. Now that i try to spend one day/week in my studio a few things actually get made. I suppose I will have to get serious and make something for the table soon but this has been fun.

Finally I would like you all to meet Jumper. Jumper is a barncat but a very affectionate one that Hannah and her cousins have tamed. I think he/she may become a housecat soon. I hope Goody doesn't mind

Hope that everyone is warm and dry and maybe i'll get to see you at the Acorn conference next week.

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