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March 23, 2011
It's Spring!

Ah it's Spring! You can smell in in the air and you can see it in the leaves; yes those are tiny little leaf buds on the trees ifyou look closely. Pussy willows are out garlic is sending up shoots!

 Oh happy day! On Saturday I checked my five rows of garlic and found it all sprouting. I'm sure the Whoop was heard county wide.

 Of course there are lots of other signs of Spring: the guinea hens and the chickens are out running through the fields and garden in search of early spring delicasies. My rhubarb is crowning. oh and the sheep have started lambing


This one stamps her feet every time we walk near her and her precious lamb. So far we've had 6 lambs, four singles and one set of twins. Often times the first few lambs born are singles so we hope to start having twins more regularly soon. If only the goats would have their babies!

Hannah has excited us all when she said to Danny she thought she would like to farm. But not animals. So she and Danny have started some coldframes:



So far she's planted chard, spinach and mesclun. I can't wait.

It's an exciting time. On the one hand there is an air of expectancy, a feeling that something is imminent. On the other hand experience tells us that the long, crazy ride of Spring, Summer, Fall is starting. 

We're excited.

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March 3, 2011
The Incredible Brunch


For the Last few years Select Nova Scotia has been promoting Nova Scotia farmers and products through a series of events. For the last 3 or 4 years there has been the incredible picnic in August across the province and for the last 2 years they have promoted the Incredible Potluck in February.In order to participate in these events you have to be a producer of or use local products. At theIncredible Picnic last year we sold our organic hamburgers and organic sausages as well as jams and Jim Inglis's cider.

This year the TuppervilleHall decided to get in on the act and hosted an Incredible Brunch last Sunday. They ended up hosting it at the last minute at the Centrelea Hall because of a water snafu but that was fine with us. Chantelle Mackinnon was the main organizer of the event and it was fun to see her in action at our local hall. 

There were several local farms represented at the brunch: Century Farm; Janie and Alan Barkhouse's  orchard, Riverview Far; Jim Inglis's organic apple orchard and organic cider, as well as Bruce family Farm; purveyers of organic eggs and sausage. On Saturday we sat up the Hall in eager anticipation and on Sunday we gathered awaiting the hordes.

By 'we' I mean Chantelle, Danny, Eben ,Hannah Myself and Kara, a member of our 4H club. The 4H club was suppose to serve but Eben refused. It was just as well as he was required in the kitchen.



Chantelle taught Eben how to make the fluffiest scrambled eggs using a dozen at atime. Danny washed dishes. He also made pancakes and served up food whenever Chantelle was called away to do something else.

Hannah served along with Kara and myself.


I must say the girls did a splendid job of serving. Once these communitty events get going you're usually run off your feet fetching this and serving that. The girls never paniced but calmly went about serving food, pouring tea and coffee as well as  setting up new place settings as people left the brunch and others entered the Hall in search of quiche, apple pancakes, beef sausages, scrambled eggs and granola with blueberries. In the kitchen Chantelle and her crew never missed a beat as they served up plate after plate of the delicious breakfast.

The compliments on the food were wonderful but so was watching Kara, Eben and Hannah rise to the occassion and ppitch in and help with a communitty event. At the end of the morning we could all sit down with some well earned brunch and visit with communitty friends and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Next week Danny and I go to Fredericton to attend the ACORN organic Conference. I will be selling subscriptions for Small Farmer magazine while Danny attends workshops and catches up with fellow organic farmers. My mother has kindly offered to watch the kids for us again.

In the meantime be kind to one another.

Be kind to one another.



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Anthony Thomas

Mar-3 3:29pm

Have a great time in Fredericton. With no kids you two might actually get some time to yourselves. Drive safely.