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April 28, 2011
More Spring!

Spring is here and it's hurry hurry hurry!

Easter weekend was busy! Easter Sunday came with a wallop; we supplied a breakfast at our church and helped prepare and serve, hurried home from there to Danny's family dinner and then headed home to get ready for my family coming at suppertime! What a relief to wake up Monday with nothing scheduled. The kids thought hat meant they could sleep in but they wer wrong of course:


Here's Hannah hanging out Laundry but she and Eben also got to walk and fix fences with Danny that day. I couldn't believe my luck with the weather and kept doing more laundry ( I was way behind ), as well as cooking and straightening. I wish I'd remembered to soak my pea seeds because it would have been a great day to plant them! My first peek outside was rewarded though:


After walking all morning Danny decided to tilll the garden; the rototiller took alittle persuading but soon did it's job:



Tuesday came and everything was back to normal. Rain and paperwork. But there was a fun potluck at Hope Seeds which we all enjoyed. By Wednesday Danny and I got  to work on our taxes and what a relief when they were finished and mailed off. In the meantime he has started shearing the sheep while I look around the house and wonder what to do first.

Today was good fun; Katie, the apprentice at Hope Seeds came by to try her hand at shearing too. Haven't the lambs grown!


Of course everything is more fun when you have company:


Katy stuck it out for the morning and promised she would be back one day; we will hold her to that promise.

There are still lots of sheep if anyone else wants to give it a try!

Be kind to each other.

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April 14, 2011
Where to Start?


Where to start? that's the big question but we are at the point where there is so much to do and so much more that will need to be done soon. For example right now we're almost done lambing and kidding but we're only just goodly started calving. Danny's tired; he's the one that checks the barns every few hours and feeds anyone that needs extra feeding. 

We've been really lucky lambing  this year. Although we've had more single lambs than we would like no mother has rejected her lamb and there has only been one set of triplets. Most ewes can look after 2 lambs comfortably. Any more than that and they start to get confused, can't keep track of them all in their pen and the lambs themselves beat up her udder looking for milk. As soon as a ewe has a set of triplets or more (we've had quints on a few occassions) you have to take the extra ones off and start bottle feeding them. Because we've only had one set of triplets we haven't done this because every lamb, especially an orphan lamb, needs a buddy. A single will manage fine because she's got her mother but an orphan needs a friend and companion.So Danny keeps an eye on the ewe of the triplets, making sure she isn't getting mastitis, and has been supplementing the lambs with extra milk almost since the beginning. and since we haven't had any pictures yet:


They're very cute at this stage but I'm glad I never had triplets.

In the meantime we are assessing the results of our winter project: the rock. So far the results have been disappointing but I think we should just give it another go with more hole next winter; eventually something will break apart. Mind you I'm not the one who does the drilling.


The plugs are all still there and Danny couldn't work any of them out but maybe they were swollen that day. I'll try again after a few dry days.

In the meantime We are checking out the winter wheat Danny planted last Fall. Wonder of wonders it has survived the excessive damp and has already started growing with the Spring!


With Spring in the air Danny can't help himself but try growing things in his cold frame. He's talked hannah into watering and minding it on a daily basis and lo and behold:


Now it may not look like there's anything growing right now but that's because I haven't uploaded the latest photos yet: there is definitely lots of lettuce growing and in a few more weeks we'll be eating it! In the meantime it's the time of year when people drive along the road collecting other people's cast offs and:


Danny had decided that he and Eben will be building a few more coldframes. Fine by me.

Of course all this activity by everyone else has inspired me to check out my garlic:


My heart is already going pitter pitter pat and I can see I'm going to be as besotted by my garlic this year as I was last year. Actually I shall probably be even more unbearable because my patch is bigger this year and I might even have some to sell. The main goal though is to grow a few heads that are bigger than the ones my Mom grows so I can rub it in a bit. She's better at most farm things than I am so one needs a few small victories along the way. As a matter of fact I still have some heads in my kitchen that I could plant now if I wanted to and they seem to be a hotter variety. I may plant some leeks or onions yet this Spring too.


In the meantime we do get off  the farm occassionally and a few weeks ago Hannah was bound and determined to go to Hampton Beach. Eben and I elected to stay home (we like our creature comforts and we both figured it would be cold) but Danny and Hannah had a great time collecting seaweed for the sheep to eat.

 Tomorrow will be our CSA delivery in Halifax. Last night we all went down to the storage unit and packed the bags. It was a family effort to be sure but it took us less than 2 hours to pack 20 bags and 2 orders for stores. Tomorrow Danny will drive up with my Dad while I stay home and try to clean house. I have a fantasy that involves my floor being mopped and I've realized that I am the only one who can make it happen. The fantasy may end with chocolate.

In the meantime be kind to each other. Spring is a time of new beginnings and new ideas; let's see what we can do.

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