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May 12, 2011
And The Rain Goes On...


The last month has been incredibly rainy. It seems to rain everyday at least once. I can't hang out any laundry to dry and I don't have a dryer inside. This means I have to start a fire in the wood furnace that heats our house because otherwise the house is too damp to dry anything. Ughhh!

Danny is trying to get his fencing done but is constantly thwarted by the rain. Although he'll head out to the pastures if it's just misting once the rain comes down in earnest he is usually driven back home. On the bright side there aren't any backflies to speak of when he is out there yet.

And that's another thing; with the rain has come the cold. We're having a cold wet Spring. Challenging at the best of times. One of the challenges is pollination. The pear trees are blossomimg but it's too cold for the honey bees to be out doing their thing.


The plum tree looks lovely of course; anything in blossom tends too. But it's wet and cool and the bees aren't buzzing. Now the upside of the cold is that the blossoms will last longer meaning that if a sunny day comes soon they might still be out and the bees may pollinate them. If it was wet and hot we'ld be watching our grass grow too high for the lawnmower. (In the event that happens later this year I've got some goats you can borrow). While the breezes mean that there may be some cross pollination taking place it does not seem to me this will be a good year for plums. And early goldens are my favorites; I'll miss them. It just means the few I get will be savoured and appreciated. Thank heavens Danny doesn't care for plums.

One rainy day this past week we decided to go Frenchying. Before we left the house we received a call; the day old chicks were in today! So while I did stuff around the house Danny went down to the Lequille Country Store and picked up our chicks. 

The chicks were making cheeping noises and one always falls for them as you listen to them and see the little golden balls of fluff. They soon grow out of this stage but the initial introduction is always heart melting.


Most are meat kings and will taste great in 2-3 months but a few are egg layers; one must keep one's flock productive. We like to start our chicks in an old unused freezer. This way we can keep them in the barn with a heat lamp and they stay warm enough. A piece of wire grating ot somesuch keeps the curious (hungry) cats out. 


As Danny puts them in the freezer he dunks each chick's beak in the waterer so each chick will know wher to find something to drink. After theey're all in he pours in some food too.


The chickies are all happy now so we put the 'lid' on the freezer and leave them there while we head out to Frenchy's.


Frenchy's was good fun; we found some books, some pajama pants for Hannah and a quilted flannel jacket; we never have enough of these! No bedding which is one of my addictions, I love sheets and blankets, but I probably have enough all ready.

We left in the rain and came back in the rain. Now if only the sun will shine soon; I feel like I'm growing mushrooms on me!

In the meantime let's all be kind to one another.

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May-12 8:34pm

I'm just catching up on your blogs. Don't know how I missed the last one. Good reading and love the pics. I'm so in awe of your lifestyle. Walking the talk. Way to go little family!