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October 27, 2011
And so it begins


Actually it seems silly to start this blog with "And so it begins" but that's what it's felt like for the last 3 weeks. We've finally started our walk in freezer. Not without a lot of thought and consideration and not without the fear that it's not a good infrastructure decision. And the money for this new structure...don't even get me started. Where is it going to come from?

But here goes:


Once we decided where to locate the new walk in freezer therewas nothing for it but to start digging. Dick Brooks, the neighbourhood guy who can build anything, came by with his skid steer and started to prepare the site; it's mostly done here.


Setting the base was the first step and then came the call to the cement guys:





Notice who's in the trench and who's just watching...


After that the forms are brought in and set up and then more cement:


That was hard, heavy work but we're still not done with the cement:




It was a lot of work and a lot of cement.


I couldn't believe the amount of handwork that goes into making sure the foundation is fairly level and what hard work it is - but you have to do a good job here or the next part is going to be harder than it has to be...

Of course that wasn't all we were doing. We planted some garlic: 5 rows so far though I should really go out and plant a few more. The rows this year are more then twice as long as the rows I planted last year. I have noticed that some of my garlic has fusarium, a bacteria but I hope not too much - I shouldn't have planted any of the garlic with the little brown spots. Hopefully next years crop will be come out okay and I will be more diligent when I plant more.

And then there were the strawberries that we planted in the Spring but never got around to weeding. Danny planted beans between the rows of berries and they needed to be picked too.


It was great to see the plants again. Now to make time to weed the raspberries we planted.

Danny combined some hulless oats that a neighbour had planted. After they were combined they had to cleaned as Danny hopes to use some of them for seed next year.


It's a noisy, rattly job, as the oats go through several differently sized screens, 'sifting" out the weed seeds.


Here is the new building as I left for work this afternoon; the walls are starting to go up and the siding from the shed it will be attached to is starting to come down. Hopefully everything goes smoothly, cross your fingers everyone!

And be kind to each other.

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Oct-27 8:07pm

Got everything crossed but me eyes! Good luck with this big project!! xo

October 7, 2011
Short and Sweet


This Blog will have to be short and sweet. Not because we're in the throws of harvesting, even though we are. Not because Nothing interesting has happened; a great deal has. The reason this will have to be short and sweet is because I have accidentally erased all the %*@##$% pictures I had to amuse you with.

So here's the brief summary:

Danny and Gary have plowed, harrowed and seeded 2 fields. The field we had wheat in this past summer has been seeded to rye and a field at his brothers was seeded for more winter wheat. I had a great picture of them pulling the old seeder too.

Last Sunday we returned home from an eventful 4H weekend to attend a cider pressing party at Hope Seed's. There were 3 presses there: an old one from the 1800's that was driven by hand, and 2 electric ones. Ours was the noisiest but also the most efficient, pressing more juice than anyone else but also requiring greater dedication because of the noise. It was a lot of fun and very interesting. Sorry but I deleted all those photos too (sometimes computers really piss me off even though I know it was my human error that caused the deletion).

However a few photos were saved and those are the ones from the 4H Provincial Show.

The night before we went I packed a cooler with some food in it because past experience has taught me that the food at pro show isn't the greatest.


Despite my bad carrot karma, the carrots that Hope Seeds planted for us have grown beautifully and we continue to enjoy them. Even this size they are not woody at all!

So Friday morning we loaded up and hit the road with Dad driving in the truck with Alex and Eben, pulling the cattle trailor and the rest of us following behind in a car. Just outside Windsor the trailor blew a tire with a loud bang. we all pulled over and tried to deal with the problem:



Even though we had a spare, it was full of air, we could not get the bolts off the tire to make the exchange. Even with two strong 16 year old boys reefing on the wrench we couldn't get the bolts to budge! Finally Mom, Hannah and I drove back to Windsor and managed to find a tow truck that would help us. They came, saved the day and 2 hours later we were back on the road.

We pulled into Truro, unloaded our lifeskills projects, unloaded the cattle and proceded to enjoy the weekend. It amazes me that 7 people (4 of them 16 yr old males) can share a cattle trailor, in the rain (did I mention it leaks?) and have a fabulous time. Yes we did. Eben's wood working projects did very well; his table got 2nd and his carriage seat gort reserve champion recycle project. Hannah came in 10th as Jr Foods Judge and the cattle shone too. Of course all the work the boys put in preparing their animals helped:


Of course getting too close had its hazards:


But we all had a lot of fun.

Certainly the highlight for me was when Annapolis and Kings County Tug of War teams met in the ring Sunday morning to pull for 3rd and 4th place. Eben had been recruited Friday night to pull and was acting as anchor for the Annapolis Team. And they started pulling and I started screaming. And so did Hannah and Mom. we screamed encouragement and cheerd but it looked like King's was going to get it. And then, in the last minute, King's made a mistake and Annapolis pulled them, with all their heart, right across the arena.

I was so hoarse. And so proud of the Annapolis Team. What a way to end the weekend because after thatwe were on our way home. This time uneventfully thank heavens.

4H starts up again October 23rd, maybe I'll see you then. In the meantime be kind to each other.



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