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June 5, 2014
Springing Up!


I know it's the best part of Spring when I go outside and all I can smell are lilacs and appleblossoms.


I know it's the best part of Spring when I walk under a blossoming chestnut tree and am overwhelmed by the dull roar of pollinators: bees, wasps and ants.


I know it's the best part of Spring when we atart planting the vegetable garden. Not that it ever amounts too much; we seldom get around to weeding or caring for the plants. Most of the limited harvest is miraculous. If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, my garden is the Autobahn.

This is the year of lots of old hay. So Danny decided to spice it up and have some fun by building a bed with walls of old square hay bales and filling it up with compost:


From here he planted some potatoes and covered them up with more old hay.



Then he decided to plant some more potatoes on the other side of the house in the old raspberry bed he had tilled up. he and Roger, the neighbour who has been helping him this Spring, covered the bed with the grass from the lawn Roger had whippersnipped the day before (it was too long to mow).


From there they spread out more seed potatoes and  waited for Eben to arrive with more bales of old hay.


The guys started to spread the hay. I told them to shake out the flakes as I dont think the plants would make it through a mat of hay but to put the hay on thickly so the potatoes wouldn't burn.


Not everyone appreciated my advice. But the potatoes did get covered. My way.


Also since few blogs would be complete with out a garlic report here goes. Last Fall i was too busy to get my garlic planted (and lazy). You can however plant your garlic in the Spring if you plant it early enough. With Danny and Roger's help I did mange to do this. So here are some pictures:



Be kind to each other.

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