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May 14, 2015
Sweet Joy; It's Spring AND the Website is back!

I can't believe it; last September the website mysteriously disappeared. You could type in the url but nothing would come up. It was frustrating and annoying. Also, speaking as a luddite, I had no clue how to 'fix' it. Some tech friends assured me it was not Host Papa but the Soho platform (or somesuch) I was on. I have contact info for Host Papa but not a clue what to do for Soho. This website was kindly constructed by some apprentices we had one year. They knew far more than I want to know about computer stuff. Mind you working at the library has taught me lots and they are very good about training us whenever there's a change or shift.

A few days ago Hannah answered the phone and it was a potential customer asking us questions about what they saw on the website. What they saw on the website? As soon as I could (several days actually since we don't have the internet at home but use the public library facilities) I entered the website url hopfully. Lo and behold there it was! At long last! Immediately I tried to log in but...I had forgotten our login. talk about stupid. You are suppose to write this kind of stuff down somewhere right? Apparently I hadn't. I racked my brain; some keyparts did come back to me but it was almost a day later when I finally remembered the whole login and password. Thank heavens! 

So just in case you all are wondering, Winter was hard here too. Very hard. Here are some pictures:


Every storm brought so much shovelling.


And ice. Forget hanging out laundry.


We were constantly trying to get wood to fill the wood stove in the kitchen. Fortunately we didn't quite run out of wood as we waited, almost despairingly, for Spring.

But now it's definitely Spring. Oh I know it frosted last night and there's suppose to be another heavy frost tonight but the skies are no longer grey and everything is growing. Danny and Eben and Adam and sometimes Sam have been walking the fences for almost 2 weeks. You know it's Spring because the ticks are back! (Why I think that's something to be happy about I'm not quite sure.)

So her are some more pictures:


I'm surprised they looked up when I took the picture.


So far we've had 16 calves. We're expecting a few more but I can't wait to see the calffies frisking about when we let them outside.


Finally I can do the massive amounts of laundry that have been gathering all winter; I have no dryer so can only dry a small amount at a time.


Of course no blog would be perfect without a garlic picture.


Tulips, hollyhocks and dandelions! Nothing says Spring like dandelions (and soon I must eat some).

So here we are; back in the green green grass of Spring. we'll be letting the cows out in a week or so. I can't wait. And don't worry we have lots of eggs for those among you who would like there Spring omelette. The Farmer's Market will be starting Saturday and we will have beef, lamb, jam and lots of eggs.

Doesn't the sun make you feel like be kind to each other!




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